All About Water Polo with Nick Robinson

For this assignment, I had the privilege of interviewing classmate Nick Robinson.  Nick talked about his experience with water polo at UW and how he became involved in it.  This assignment gave me a chance to get to know one of my classmates and discuss something he enjoys.

The interviewing experience was really interesting.  I have interviewed several people in the past, but really got hands-on experience this semester.  For my COJO 4110 class, we deal with feature stories, and often have to interview various people in order to get our stories solidified.  I began using a digital recorder as a way to make sure what I was asking and the answers I was getting were accurate.  I used my iPhone and the voice memo mechanism as a way to record sound.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a high quality recorder at the moment, so my iPhone is sufficing for the time being.  The interview with Nick was just an informal, relaxed sit-down conversation about a topic he wanted to discuss.  I noticed that I sputtered during some questions just trying to gather my thoughts, but I did my best to come up with them on the spot.

I have really never been an interviewee, and I’ll admit that I felt famous.  The one thing that I had to be careful about was that I was on the record.  I didn’t want to say anything damaging, and I didn’t want to bring up specific names.  I tried to avoid it as much as possible while still conveying my story.  I also noticed that I was rambling, or so it seemed.  It was difficult for me to fit so much of my experience into such a small time frame.  I noticed too that my interview with him was much higher quality sound-wise than his was with me.  I would attribute that to the fact that he had a better sound recorder than me.

I enjoyed getting to know Nick and getting to interview him.  I liked that I was able to ask quite a few questions and get in-depth answers from him.  I felt that it made the interview go smoothly.  The interview gave me a chance to understand one of Nick’s passions, and I thought it was really cool.

Next time, I will invest in a better audio recorder.  When I played the track back on my phone, I really didn’t notice anything wrong.  Once I uploaded it on my computer, I noticed a high pitch frequency playing in the background.  I think it was my phone because I listened to what Nick recorded for me, and that noise wasn’t there.  It wasn’t an ambient noise because we were in a quiet place (the philosophy stacks in the library).  Also, I need to be better at forming my thoughts without saying “uh” every now and then.  If I can fix that, it will make me seem like a more articulate journalist.  All in all, it was a pleasure interviewing Nick!


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