Edited: A Nick Robinson Interview

For this assignment, I took the five minute interview from the last assignment and scaled it down to about two minutes.  We used an audio-editing software called Audacity.  My initial reaction was that it was difficult to use.  There were a lot of buttons and functions that I really had no idea how to use.  However, after a brief training session, I found it to be relatively easy.  Once I uploaded the file into Audacity, I ran through the full clip and marked where I wanted to make initial cuts.  I then used the cut tool to take these parts out.  This took out a lot of material I felt was unneeded.  This included long pauses and parts that didn’t really flow well.  As time went on, I became more precise with my edits, and got everything narrowed down to two minutes after nearly two hours of work.

I had some issues trying to cut out portions of sentences that dragged on.  There was one instance where I was trying to get just a portion of what he said out and condense the sentence.  It was hard to find the exact part I wanted to cut out, and when I combined the split sections, you could tell that it was edited.  I didn’t really enjoy having to go back four or five times to redo the edit because it didn’t turn out right.  However, I enjoyed the editing process overall.  It’s a very meticulous process, and it takes time.  You can’t rush perfection!

Nothing really surprised me about the editing process.  The one thing I wish could have gone a bit more smoothly was the cutting process.  I wanted there to be a way to stretch out the audio over a smaller time range so that you could select a more precise audio portion.  I also wish that the splitting and piecing together of various audio portions was a bit easier.  Like I said earlier, it’s a meticulous process.  I enjoyed the process overall, however.


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