I’m Still Struggling to Figure Out Who in the World I’m Voting For

Vote for Nobody
I’ve struggled and struggled and struggled for months now to figure out who I’m voting for.  I’m mad.  People all across this country are mad.  It’s showing.  But I can’t find a candidate I fully support. It’s touch-and-go with different candidates on many issues I feel are important.  Each one addresses them differently, some more satisfactorily than others.  The jury is still out on who I’m voting for, and here’s why.
  1. A vote is earned, not given.  Nobody in this race has earned my vote.  They have not addressed my problems satisfactorily.  For that matter, no candidate has visited this state (you’ll be hearing about the obvious reason in a later blog posting).  If a candidate wants my vote, they need to discuss the issues people are facing all over this country, Wyoming included, instead of only a few states that really “matter” to them.  The only reality is that these states matter only because they can sway the election.  Gary Johnson is the only one who has made anywhere close to an effort to campaign here, as he will be having a Google Hangout with people at the University of Wyoming this coming week.
  2. The Supreme Court.  I am a believer in an unbiased Supreme Court, a court that should judge without political motivation.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where we elect judges in some jurisdictions and present a litmus test on certain issues for others.  I’m going to throw it back to 1876 for a context of what I’m looking for.  Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden vied against one another in one of the most disputed elections in this country’s history.  There were 20 disputed votes from five different states that would decide the election, so Congress – in its productive heyday – created the Electoral Commission.  Seven Democrats, seven Republicans, and one independent were to serve.  David Davis, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, was the most reliably unbiased person to hold office in this country.  He was supposed to serve on the Commission, but was elected to the Senate by the Illinois Legislature; thus, he was unable to serve on the Commission.  The consequences of that decision gave the presidency to Hayes.  But the bread and butter argument is that the court, in my opinion, should have four Democrats, four Republicans, and one independent so that the court does not sway in either direction.  Hillary will sway the Court in favor of the Democrats, Trump the Republicans.  Some of their nominees frighten me as well.  Four-to-four-to-one is a good ratio.
  3. Where’s the talk about the issues!?  Hillary Clinton borrowed a Michelle Obama quote during this campaign.  She’s consistently said, “When they go low, we go high.”  Yet, I continually see Hillary commercials go low on the defensive against Trump.  Trump has never taken the high road in his entire campaign.  During the debates, an aggregate total of two minutes has been spent talking about the issues, if that.  The rest of the time, it has been irrelevant political blather, personal attacks, and distractions that keep us from concentrating on the real issues.  Instead of spending time attacking one another, talk to us on how you’re going to resolve the issues this country is facing.  Tell me how you’re going to revitalize our crippled energy industry.  Tell me how you’re going to put Wyoming workers back to work in these fields.  Tell me what you plan on doing.  Don’t redirect me to your website.  Don’t tell me where I can donate money.  Tell me the solutions to these issues.

The picture at the top of this post speaks volumes.  Some days, I feel like I should vote for nobody.  Who is going to focus on what I really care about?  Over the course of the past year-and-a-half, I’ve figured out who I’m not voting for, and that decision is between me and my ballot box this coming November.  As for the rest of the candidates, well, they have less than a month to persuade me, because right now, I’m not convinced.


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